For some travelers, packing their stuff can be frustrating, mainly if they have limited baggage allowance. Fortunately, the list below contains all the essentials for every travel trip. It’s important to know that you must pack these things in your carry-on baggage or handbag so that won’t have to take the trouble of rummaging into your suitcase, especially if you leave it at a Luggage Storage. You will have everything you need, as long as you got this on your travel checklist.

passport and hand carry bag


Traveling through a plane may be convenient. Have you ever encountered loud noise of crying children with your neighboring seats, roaring plane engines, and chatty neighbors? Fortunately, earplugs were invented. You can have a peaceful flight by canceling out all the noise with earplugs. Though some airlines provide them, it’s always good to be prepared. Having headphones or headsets can be a good option too. Just don’t forget to turn airplane mode on your device.


The last thing you may want when traveling is to get sick. Always pack sanitizing wipes on your bag, so you can easily wipe down everything for public use, such as a tray table or remote control on the hotels. Wipes can also be used for cleaning your hands before eating outside or in-flight meals.

Non-Electronic Entertainment

May it be novels, sudoku, or crossword puzzles, packing something that is not an electronic device is an excellent way of killing time while waiting for your flight—bringing books while traveling will not let your gadget’s battery run out.


Although tons of shops sell snacks at the airport, the thing is they cost twice as much. Packing your snacks is a great option for expensive room service or in-flight purchases. Bring something nutritious and filling, such as energy bars or nuts.

Medicines and Pain Relievers

Common pain that is headaches and hangovers is inevitable when traveling. Always be prepared and bring a bottle of pain relievers, so you’ll recover as quickly as possible. This way, you won’t have to buy expensive emergency medicines when you’re suddenly sick.

Notebook and Pen

You will never know how much bringing a notebook and pen will be handy until you need to write something down. Secure your pen and notebook in your bag so you can quickly fill out forms or jot down important information without bothering someone. You can also use it for doodling.

Sweater or Scarf

Regardless of the season, there will always be a time where it’s too freezing. Also, plane rides can sometimes be freezing. Pack a sweater or scarf to warm you up. Choose something you can layer on your fashion so it won’t take much space on your luggage.

Glasses and Contact Lenses

Packing an extra set of contact lenses or spectacles is essential to travel almost all the time. You will never know when your eyewear will be broken or lost. If you do not have extra eyewear, take note of your prescription so you can get a replacement, and you don’t have to travel blind.