How to avoid jet lag seems like an unanswered question if you’re likely to take a long trip. We are fortunate that several tactics to avoid jet lag have been discovered today. If you read the private jet card, you can learn methods of overcoming jet lag. Here is how to avoid jet lag before flying.


Make a Schedule

Pen If you are a person who likes to schedule, this technique will come in handy. Set your sleep time a couple of days in advance, but don’t overdo it. Since it will disrupt your daily habit, changing your sleep habit too much to avoid jet lag will only be unproductive. Unfortunately, this sleep time modification is not considered the ideal way to travel abroad, as it will compromise your engine’s performance during this modification time. If you know the day of your departure, you can create a new sleep habit to avoid jet lag. In case you fly during the day, you need to be careful and keep your psyche active. Maybe watch a television program or talk to your friends on the Internet.


Get Some Sleep

Sleeping Get some sleep if your travel time is reduced during the night. Plan your bedtime carefully to avoid jet lag. Having your own time change is essential, as this is an international time zone. Remember to account for transit time as well. You want to adjust emotionally to local time and adjust your behavior accordingly. There is a high likelihood of becoming dehydrated while traveling. Avoid alcoholic and carbonated beverages. Both will only cause you to lose more water and prevent you from sleeping. Think about fruit juices instead. Carbohydrates stimulate dopamine, which will make you sleepy later.


Do Some Stretching

Stretching If you feel stiff because you think you can’t move, try walking around the cabin several times per flight. You can also do a series of stretches for your arms, torso, and legs. Find a spot in the back of the plane to do these stretches. This can help prevent jet lag. If you think you need sleep and are still awake, you can try taking sleeping pills. If you feel tired during the day, try not to take a break. Taking a break based on your sleep schedule will only aggravate the condition, so you will not adjust your habit to the new time zone. Therefore, these pills are not considered the perfect approach to prevent jet lag.