Many people dream about being to travel the world someday. If you’re in the middle of deciding where to go, be sure to check out these 8 places to visit. However, more and more people choose to wait for the opportunity until retirement or consider career breaks to go worldwide. The primary reason for this concern relies on its travel costs.

travel the worldTraveling to various countries can indeed cost quite a bit of fortune wherever you travel. Cheap flights, hotel rates, and more other expenses can put a big dent in your wallet. However, there are several ways to travel abroad without pulling money out of your pocket. In fact, you can even earn money during your travel period while volunteering at these institutions. Below are the lists of four institutions offering travel around the world at no cost or with a minimal portion of the cost of the trip.

The Peace Corps

The famous volunteer program in the world might be the Peace Corps. It is most popular among college graduates as they consider the Peace Corps to help pave their dreams away to travel the world with a limited budget. In this case, the Peace Corps offers young people to travel to help and find those less fortunate while exploring South America, Africa, and Asia during a two-year contract. In addition to helping people in need, the Peace Corps also offers a fantastic stipend to its members.

The United Nations

A bit different from the Peace Corps, the volunteer programs from the United Nations concern more about sending professionals off around the world. The United Nations will cover everything from your travel expenses, including the payment for visas, passports, airfares, vaccines, and medication that might require for your travel destination. Participants also receive stipends and grants tailored to the economic condition they will be in during their deployment. The United Nations is constantly looking for people to travel to specific locations with six months and more time-frame opportunities.

The Art Corps

If you are a professional artist, the program from the Art Corp fits rightfully for you. The program has set to send professional artists to utilize their skills as a teaching tool while giving them a chance to travel the greatest sites worldwide. However, this program has not fully paid your travel expense. It only covers the travel cost, but you need personal fundraising during your volunteer programs. The Art Corps deployment programs mostly last up to 11-12 months.

The has designed its program specifically for IT experts. They send more IT experts to a country with low computer literacy regularly. This program pays both travel and living costs you spend while giving a stipend. The duration of the deployment program is also short-term, around 1 to 6 months. 

Being independent and young gives you the freedom to travel the world without family obligations. Volunteering with all of these organizations allows you to see people and places you wouldn’t regularly see unless you had a few thousand dollars. Don’t waste your time and start research about those programs. Discover those program applications on the internet with all the exact details of the program on their contact page.